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Always Be Qualifying

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How to make sure you’ll close the deals in your forecast.

This is the first book ever written about M.E.D.D.I.C. and MEDDPICC, the most renowned methodology for sales qualification.

In the past few years, companies large and small have called on me to get help with their non-performing sales team. Described symptoms are different from one company to another. Some suffer from shortages in revenue. Others complain about unreliable forecasts, with deals slipping constantly from one quarter to another before being lost or even abandoned a few quarters later. Some CEOs notice unproductive sales teams with an unusual high number of non-quota-carrying people needed in the sales force, hitting the bottom line hard. I notice that all these symptoms are related to the same illness: inability to qualify.

Since most sales teams put in place organizations including SDR (Sales Development Representatives) or BDR (Business Development Representatives) who qualify leads for Account Managers, there is a wrong unstated assumption, widely spread, that once a lead is qualified, the inside sales or field sales will have to work on them until they are won or lost. Ongoing qualification is often the issue. Qualification is not a binary step of the sales process. Qualification is a mindset and a habit to apply all along the sales process, from the first call to closing. This book covers both the Why and the How of sales qualification. If you experience at least one of these issues, you need to read this book:

1. Your prospect claim they no longer have the budget to purchase.

2. Opportunities on your forecast get delayed from one quarter to another.

3. Your so-called Champion explains why the Economic Buyer never meets with vendors.

4. Your prospect changes Decision Criteria, reducing your chances to win.

5. You learn that you have to run another POC before getting the order.

6. Prospects’ Buyer or Legal Executive refuses to sign your terms & conditions.

7. Prospects Buyer asks for discount because they are a big name.

8. You believe saying YES to every request from your prospect is the key to success.

9. You have taken the free “Introduction to MEDDIC” course and consider that you learned MEDDIC.

 For a couple decades MEDDIC was exclusively taught in private conference rooms, to small number of sales teams at a high cost,... the old way. I am on a mission to make the high-end sales methodologies accessible to all sales people globally. I was an early sales leader at PTC where the MEDDIC methodology took shape. I am also the founder of MEDDIC Academy, the first platform to bring this qualification methodology online. This book describes the M.E.D.D.I.C. (also known as MEDDPICC) sales methodology in depth. This is not a book of theories, research, or academic concepts, but it is pure execution techniques with practical recipes. At a high level, MEDDIC is a checklist that helps sales professionals to reveal the gaps in an opportunity and to execute properly to fill those gaps and close the deal or drop it early.

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